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Managers and employees often come to work carrying a load of personal and professional stress, worry, and dissatisfaction which affects their quality of work and business relationships. Our Workshops and Coaching programs use a variety of self-discovery and step-by-step methods to help individuals work toward life and career goals. People who engage in our Coaching often experience a new focus on what is most important to them, satisfaction and success in setting and reaching reasonable life and career goals, and a general sense of internal happiness. All of these benefits ultimately flow through to their career and relationships, and that’s where you benefit from providing this experience to them.

Brighten your company benefits package with Coaching & Wellness services! See how you can $AVE on discounted Workshop bundles and Coaching packages for your business.

Lifestyle Design Workshops

  • Mastering your Mindset

  • Crushing Career Goals

  • Building a Bodacious Budget

  • Ruling your Routine

  • Grow your Inner Glow

Each workshop lasts approximately 45 minutes and is offered in person on-site or via webinar/teleconference based on your preference. The cost per workshop is $199 for up to 10 employees. There will be a $10 per person charge for additional attendees.

Want them all?! Save by purchasing the Complete Workshop Series Package: $799 (for up to 10 attendees per workshop, otherwise additional charges apply). Purchase three (3) or more and receive a $50 discount off your total purchase.

Lifestyle or Professional Coaching

For details on these programs please visit my Coaching page designated for each.

  • 8 Week Lifestyle Design Program, one-to-one personalized coaching via telephone

    • Purchase two (2) or more at $900 each

  • 12 Week Sight Shift Program, one-to-one coaching via telephone

    • Purchase two (2) or more at $1,900 each

Coaching package purchases expire 12 months from purchase date, all sessions must be completed within 12 months. Calls are scheduled for the same day and time each week or bi-weekly. Flexibility in schedule changes is honored as needed to promote a stress free experience.