I help people Focus on What they’re good at.

A while back I figured out what my purpose wasn’t; a job. It wasn’t a predisposed role I play in life, or a job title. I’ve had a few handfuls of roles and titles, and while that’s what “structure” says I am, it really doesn’t have a clue. You see, anyone can have those titles. I believe we are all unique and exquisite; with gifts to give (magical DNA!). I’ve learned that purpose is tied to passion, but we don’t get to realize either until we start to move. We can be so excited and fired up about something with such great ambition, but never take action to get there. Why? We are busy. We just can’t right now. We are scared…Someday.

So there I was, in 2012; itching. I was itching so bad I couldn’t take it! I had a passionful purpose rash all over me! I was getting fired up. My blood was pumping for a change. So I did it. I had no clue where it would take me, and by no stretch of the imagination, I was flying blind. I had to peel back some layers to get where I am now. Structure tells you where others think you should be, but passion tells you where you’re meant to be. Not everyone gets it, but I know you do. I know this because if I’ve reached out to you, or someone has referred you to my website, then you are doing “it!” You’ve found what makes you tick. I want to work with people who know why they are ticking.

I may not have all the answers (even though my husband says I do…) but here are a few things I know for sure:

1. I’m going to bring you a breath of fresh air, because I know you’re carrying a load that isn’t meant for you. It’s slowing your tick!

2. I’m going to make you smile, laugh, or just feel good that we’ve started a relationship. I’m going to serve you this way.

3. I’m going to bring you value because my passion is helping others. This is what makes me tick.



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